Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ye Olde Filme!

After watching Arundhati, I began to remember the older movies that were telugu classics. Patala Bhairavi and Vittalacharya come to mind. These films defined fearless heroes well before Indiana Jones came along. The movies had everything in them. The swashbuckling hero who was at ease with a rapier or a woman in his grip, the damsel in distress, the evil sorceror whose life source lay hidden in a parrot caged across the seven seas and hordes of evil creatures!
They had gripping storylines and kept me glued for hours. One scene I cannot forget is where NTR is a prince and he has apparently failed at a mission and he has no wish to continue living. So he whips out a beautiful dagger(period cutlery! These directors paid attention to detail!) and throws it up and catches it on his neck on its way down. Even the way they killed themselves was so cool! What fascinates me is that directors go to such lengths to copy the same old script of boy meets girl and yet noone wants to do a decent remake of the kickass classics!
Allright, let me lay the groundwork. Who is good enough to play the good guy in this film?

Balakrishna would have been the obvious choice ... 2 decades ago. I reject him on the grounds that his makeup alone would eat away a chunk of the movie budget(more than the special FX!)

Chiranjeevi, let me repeat what someone dear to me had said, we could not see him as shiva, why push our luck

Mahesh Babu, the prince of tollywood is good looking but lets face it he would look downright silly in the frock! And run me through with a sword if he opens his mouth to say ONE dialog properly.

Raja, is already doing a period flick with namitha(hmm so that means he is acting with 2 heroines) more on that if and when the film makes it to the theatres

Allu Arjun and Ram Charan Tej are too urban and fresh to do any justice to a role like that.

Gopichand, would be a good pick. Tough guy who does subdued roles with panache but then again he lacks the classy looks one would want to see in a prince. 

I liked Shrikanth's look in Operation Duryodhana. I would cast him as the villain. I think he would do a great job as the evil sorceror!

Well im as undecided as ever. I wonder how many of you have seen Princess Bride. Excellent movie in my opinion. They converted a complete pansy shepherd boy into a macho cool pirate. I want to see that in Tollywood

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sivankar said...

Jr.NTR might be a good choice as hero provided he puts on little weight. If someone remakes Patala Bhairavi, am still wondering who would be the NEPALI MANTRIKUDU. Who will fill in Keechakudu if they remake Nartanasala ?