Sunday, March 02, 2008

Movie Review : Jumper

A childhood fantasy of every boy has been very safely been made into a big budget hollywood film. However, the boys are not really buying it. It is enticing, the thought of being in any place you want instantly. It is euphoric to just think of it. The film fails to really capture the essence of this ability. Hayden Christensen is your average run of the mill college student. He is a weakling who keeps to himself and he loves a girl. At this point I cant help but hum "Spiderman, Spiderman, friendly neighborhood spiderman!". Its true. The plot base is too similar. But to be fair to the people behind the film the resemblances end there. Perhaps that is the sad thing. If more effort had been put into the screenplay, we would see a very different film. Remember when Spidey first discovers his powers, Sam Raimi drags you into the ecstasy. He allows you to feel every emotion along with Peter Parker. Somehow that aspect is missing in Jumper.
As I have mentioned before, David Rice is an average school kid. He lives in an abusive home. His mother left when he was five and his alcoholic father does nothing but scream at him. One day he discovers his powers when he nearly drowns in a lake. He teleports to the library. He realises that he can use his newfound powers to get away from it all. He robs a series of banks and build up a financial base. He then leads a life if complete luxury. He visits places all over the world.
The idyllic set up is shattered by the arrival of Paladins. Legendary hunters of Jumpers such as David Rice. Samuel L Jackson is the leader of this gruesome group that seems to have unlimited finances and resources. The Paladins firmly believe that the power to exist at all places at all times should only be with God. Jumpers are, therefore, abominations to be done away with.
David then realises he must fight this centuries old battle between Paladins and Jumpers. If only to protect everything he loves.
When you get down to it, the visual effects are good. Very very good. The screenplay sucks. A lot of people are making this mistake. Throwing a million special effects to blind the viewer and not let him complain about the lackluster screenplay.
I give the film *** out of five. Thats only for the special effects. And please who the hell decided Sam L J must have white hair??!

Movie Review : Vantage Point

Vantage point is a movie I saw after a very long time. In the theatre I mean. I am lucky enough to have a friend who is masterful at obtaining back row tickets to any film, 5 minutes before it starts! I watched a late show at Prasads(a multiplex here in Hyderabad).

The plot line is apparently uncomplicated. The president is in Spain for an anti Terrorism summit. He is about to speak when he is shot twice. The same shot is shown from the perspective of eight different people present at that time. As each persons view is depicted, more and more of the story is revealed and a very startling image jumps up! I personally felt it was a well made movie. The shots have been well crafted. Despite having to see some shots again and again, the film does not drag anywhere. The single car chase scene is worth mentioning! It was very well choreographed and I would even go so far as to compare it to the ones I saw in Transporter. Dennis Quaid has done a damn good job as a Secret Service agent. Forrest Whittaker looks like a child with cerebral palsy. I did not quite get what they tried to do with him. The end is dramatic a la bollywood but hey! you need those moments right?

I give it four out of five. Definitely not to be missed.