Thursday, May 13, 2010

5 cartoon shows that should have been made into films by now!

Before I begin let me make it very clear that the Power Puff Girls or the Care bears will not be featured here. Go fish yourself!

- Centurions : Everything about the show from the theme song to the satellite home base to the snap on body armour to the insane cyborg enemies to the ... ok you get the idea. This was a great show! 3 sachinodus(dudes to you) are referred to as the Centurions(echo effect).

Ray - usually wears suits that help him underwater ... hence the name ray!!
Rockwell - bloody obvious : land operations
Ace McCloud - yes yes without a doubt air support.

The three of them have a good time kicking some Cyborg ass. Hey if G I Joe(which by the way was my bloody bloody fav cartoon) can be turned into a film(I gag while I say this) Centurions can be celluloided too!

- Johnny Quest : The theme song! Yes we all remember this cartoon because it had a GREAT theme song! Those beats were insane. The action in the toon was pretty good too! This was the first cartoon I saw where people travelled between the real and virtual world. It was captivating! That indian kid(because he has a turban silly! all indians wear turbans) irritated me a lot!!! This movie will definitely do better than the Harry Potter movies(are they done yet?). Just found this by the way!

- Swat Kats : ok maybe not a live action film but hey MegaKat city is pretty cool! If they can make garfield,they can make T Bone and Razor! I would love to see these fellas on the big screen ripping across their sky in that ubercool fighterjet! I cannot recall the number of times I tried to make that hand thingy the Kats wear with all those gizmos on them!!!

- Top Cat : thats right I said it ... Top Cat! This was one of the first cartoons that made me realise that good dialogues go a long way to make the story interesting! The absolute cool with which Top Cat did everything, the natural leadership he displayed reminded me of one person alone - Simon Templar[a.k.a The Saint - sigh yes the Val kilmer movie - :( but previously a set of novels then a tv series(roger moore) and then the godforsaken movie!]. I think a Top Cat movie will be more of a challenge to the writers than the animators! Again .. not a live action movie!

- Thundercats : To be honest I don't remember much. All I know is a lot of half meow half human people walking around busting butts. Perfect recipe for a movie I say!!! I wanna here them say Thunder ... thunder ... thunder ... thundercats in DTS!!!

James Cameron ... stop making "blue" films and bless us with your creative eye!
Michael Bay! Edo okati cheyyi be!

Just realised there are too many "cats" in my requests!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Edge of Darkness

I wonder how many of you have seen "Taken". Tough and gritty movie, not a single dull moment. Liam Neesons' daughter is kidnapped and he must find her within 48 hours before she is lost forever in the prostitution underworld. When I saw the promos of "Edge of Darkness", I was subconciously pushed to thinking, "Father avenges daughter, should be good".(background noise of director snickering)
Mel Gibson plays the role of Thomas Craven a Boston Police Officer. His daughter comes visiting and she is obviously sick. Daddy is about to take her to the hospital when all of a sudden outside their home, a masked man guns her down, not before screaming "CRAVEN!"(if you remember in Taken, the kidnapper says, "Good Luck"). The police assume it was someone who had it in for the father. Thomas Craven is however more cranial(get it?) than that and decides to look into what his daughter was doing. We soon get to know that she was an MITian(seriously? are there no other good colleges?) and was(note how I am using the past tense) working for a firm called Northmoor(oooooooh). The next hour shows Mel Gibson rattling every cage he comes across, starting with the CEO of Northmoor - Bennet. Subsequently every person he speaks to says the same thing, "Bennet is the bad guy." "Bennet's the man you want". Until slowly but surely Craven realises that Bennet is the one behind everything(this is the main twist). Throw in a fat but creepy man with a british accent who casually talks about the edge of darkness with his doctor, a shady research fa cility that is making nuclear weapons for foreign countries, a flower child organisation that is completely anti-corporate and of course some henchmen in black suits, what do you have? Nothing. Don't even watch this film. Mel Gibson has corny lines. He exit line in one scene is, "... and don't forget to wear your seat belt!". Wow! We have a clear message here: You may have assisted my daughters death but I value your safety(this is my major wtf moment). What really peeved me is when he catches one of the henchmen(after shooting off his leg) and asks him to scream, you guessed it, CRAVEN! People do what Mel Gibson did, go watch "Taken" again!