Sunday, April 26, 2009

travelogue long overdue!!

I have not written a traelogue about my trip to the south east. A number of reasons come to my mind, chief of them being sheer laziness. I however think it will be a good thing to look back at some of the interesting things I picked up. 

  - In Singapore, just like in India, everyone older than you can be called uncle or aunty. just add an 'a' sound at the end.
  - The landscape in the phillipines is exactly the same as you would see in naidupeta or kavaraipeta(yes im on the train as I write this).
  - Macau has some of the most amazing casinos in the world and attracts millions of english speaking tourists in the world but none of the natives speak english. If you cant speak cantonese, stay the FUCK off our island they say.
  - Hong Kong is a vibrant city that hates brown boys. You can thank the bangladeshis and africans for sustaining the lucrative drug trade. Pakistanis are bloody friendly and make excellent Parathas(buggers charge you heaven and earth in case you think im going soft).
  - Indians are studs in china as proved by the interest shown by the chinese girls(in yours truly ofcourse). Wherever we went in Shenzen, girls would ask us where we were from. It was nice to be the "stranger from the exotic country"!

Singapore is crawling with indians and so it is for that reason that the native singaporeans stand out. The women are beautiful and maintain a healthy figure. They wear shorts most of the time and their legs are immaculate. The men are smartly dressed and are very polite when you ask for help. Everywhere in Singapore it is their politeness that floors you. The city has such a disciplined system in place. It makes you want to be a part of it! I personally feel two years in this city will not only kick my career to phenomenal heights but also make me appreciate the finer things in life. It is amazing how everything the government does is for the people. All the time.

The Phillipines is a wonderful place to be in. Its like walking into India. The people are extremely friendly. The women are stunning. I saw nothing but perfect figures wherever I looked. Stare at any one for more than 5 seconds and you are greeted with a musical "Hello sir, may I help you". We did not go to Manila, but a smaller town named Clark. We trekked up to a volcano and swam in its crater(filled with rainwater, a sulphur lake). It has to be one of the most blissful experiences. Two hours of trekking and we were worn out, but one look at the paradise we had reached and all we wanted to do was take off our clothes and go for a dive! 

We also got to fly an Ultralight and that was a memorable experience! 

The whole experience was capped off with a trip to the local casino!

Macau assaulted us with its garish display of wealth. It was the first real casino experience and the showgirls were something else! Graceful moves! The highlight of the macau trip was the route we took from Macau to Hong Kong. The turbojet! Ripping across the water at incredible speeds!

Hong Kong gave us Disneyland, an experience we wanted for a long time. All I can say is, a childhood fantasy was fulfilled!

Shenzen was mindblowing for the lovely experience at "The Window of the World". Every famous landmark in the world finds its place here. It's like walking through the entire world in half a day! China has surprisingly modest people. The men and women kept frowning at my shorts!


Mad Blogger said...

you should have had a wonderful trip!!! Really good snaps as well...

demonMonk said...

thanks ma(n)d :)