Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You dont mess with the Zohan : review

Adam Sandler has, in one hurricane move, taken a jab at Israelis, Arabs and Rajnikanth himself! He does this quite confidently because apparently, "You dont mess with the Zohan". This elaborately titled film has a good dose of satire and crude comedy for the sick minded ones like me. However dont watch it with an aunt like I did. I had to hold back a lot. Not my style at all. Like all good movies that begin well, this film falters somewhere at the end and leaves you a bit unsatisfied(yes like sex with your fat man-servant). While Zohan with his over sized crotch does give us good reason to point and laugh, the humour does get a bit over the top. 
Zohan is an elite Israeli counter terrorist and he is sick and tired of blowing up terrorists(read Arabs). His heart lies in America and he wants to be a hair dresser. He nurses dreams of making the entire world 'silky smooth'. When he is dragged away from a holiday to recapture a militant he had already put behind bars, he sees and opportunity to escape. He fakes his death and stows away on a flight to America.
How he realises his dream of becoming a hair dresser, finds his soul mate and keeps his identity a secret is the rest of the story. 
There is nothing  really that stands out in the film. All the usual faces are there in the film. Rob Schneider et al. It is somehow a very comfortable feeling to see the same caste doing a decent job of a amusing you. Zohan the Israeli quite naturally falls in love with a palestinian hair dresser played by the very very luscious Emmanuelle Chriqui whose accented english is enough to wrench your heart from its foundations! Guest stars include Kevin James(King of Queens, Hitch), John McEnroe( yes THE John McEnroe - he takes off his shirt by the way. Very pathetic) and of course a has-been bimbette, Mariah Carey.
Not a must watch but I would not miss it either. A mindless movie with crude humour. You decide if you want to watch it. I did!

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