Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I eagerly waited this long just so I could download this browser. I am a big fan of the google people and so I decided I was going to wait for the appointed time(I was 8 minutes late though!). Here we go.

I accessed the simple URL and in the usual google way ws taken straight away to the goods and hit the download button. a 500KB file landed in my system and I ran it. 
Then began the main download process. Within a few minutes I was prompted to shut down my firefox browser as Chrome had to import settings from it.
I shut down and thats it ..we were good to go. Installation is such a breeze. Complete novices will be so comfortable going through the process. Lets come to the actual functioning of this piece of art. I use this term with utmost respect. The browser has been done in the trademark shades of blue and is a really pleasant. We will obviously have to wait for the themes to come out. The tabs are layered right on top of the browser. This is good. rather convenient. I was pleasantly surprised to find all my book marks had been neatly copied from firefox. I found the general page scrolling to be a bit on the faster side. I know this is not a local system thing because firefox moves at a comfortable pace. I am using a laptop and prefer to use the corner scrollers on the trackpad. It is a bit too fast. I had to move back and forth across a point on the page before I could center on it. I have noticed another peculiar behaviour. When there is only one tab left, clicking on the little 'x' closes the browser itself! Why??! Shouldn't it just clear up what was there on that browser and present a blank page? Ofcourse this is a seasoned firefox user speaking. Over all I like what I see. The google people were not exaggerating when they said things load fast. The browser does load fast, I will hand it to them. Howver I would like to reserve a more detailed judgement until I have seen this browser perform  with plugins and themes weighing it down. Another space saving feature(which translated ot larger viewing space) I found is that there is none of the traditional menu system(File Edit etc ..) Instead we have 2 simple drop down menus at the right hand corner. These seem to take care of all that we would want to do to a webpage.
Thank you Google peeps. I love it.

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