Monday, March 16, 2009

Let him be ...

Under the fierce gaze of the sun,

Lies this beast of immense pride.

His eyes close ever so gently,
The beams warm his leathery hide.

His talons like blades cast aside,

His tail curled casually there.
The lazy toungue flickers a bit,

Noone disturbs him in his lair.

Cold blood meanders through his heart,

His breath is ever so slow.

He is ageless by any stretch,

He has watched the pebbles grow.

An ancient force such as this,
Is not to be dealt with lightly,

Men who are ignorant of this,

Their fate could turn ghastly!

Armor clad the knight comes in,
This peace he chooses to defy,

He will learn in a fiery moment,

To let sleeping dragons lie . . .


Bhavan said...

Odd choice of a reptilian to eulogize, nevertheless good poem and an even better pic.

demonMonk said...

looks like u me and my mom are the only ones who actually liked this image!! We have class!! :D

shipra said...

eeeeeekss........... d replite looks so uuuugh.....

shipra said...

although poem is really worth a read..........

demonMonk said...

Thanks sheepee! :)